Megan Blue

January 20,1999- Egypt
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Caress me.

Caress me
Hold me babe
Kiss me
Tie me
Love me
But dont go
Dont leave
Dont run like that
What are you running from?
Are u running from you heart
Your heart wont leave you
And if u left your heart
It will kill you
It will haunt you at night
In your loneliest days
In your darkest nights
You will remember me
And you will regret
How you left
You will regret
Why u did not take the chance
To grab me and kiss me
To tell me
How much you love me
How much you want me
How i lit your desire
How i set you on fire
How i showed you your fears
Your darkest desires
Babe you did not know
you ran away
From yourself..
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