Megan Blue

January 20,1999- Egypt
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Can't you see.

Cant you see
My lips
The way they part
In the sight of you
The way they water
In the sight of your mouth
The way my eyes shine
When i see you
The way my body shivers
When it feels you
The way my hands move
Towards you
The way i always look at you
The way my voice weakens
When i listen to you
The way my body becomes loose
When next t you
Cant you see?
My lips
My lips that some admire
But you dont desire..
Cant you see
My body
That is curved for you
That is waiting for you
To touch me
Cant you see
My eyes
So fixed unto you
By the sight
Of your bluish green hurt eyes
Cant you see my hands
That waits for the chance
To touch you..
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