Yoko Fushigina

July 22, 2003 - Tokio
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With You

Our life is a hive of delusions.
It is filled with the things I don't get.
That is why in my dotish illusions
I'll abide by the lead of your hand.
Winds are toying with curls of your hair,
Inhaling the scent of your vine.
So I'm jealous, 'cause it's only fair
When this right is exclusively mine.
Like a jingle your laughter is sonant.
Voice is charming, melodic as spell.
That is why I'll relish this instant
Any trifle you are to tell.
Often things you enjoy are so simple
And some silly ones make you cry.
Never change, because adults are sinful.
In their heads there's too much "how" and "why".
I'll defend you from leer and from rumor,
From the fears you keep in your heart.
Of course, not if you save me sooner
As no gossip can tear you apart.
Though at times, when you find yourself helpless
And the darkness roars in your ear,
In my cuddle you can remain fearless.
It's the safest place there can be.
Let me see the dreams you are seeing,
Make me a part of your world.
Like a knight, I'll guard our being
From reality with my sword.
Nothing, never and no one
Could keep me away from you.
Just as in solar system
You are the Sun through and through.
In the universe, which we've created,
Will never be place for grief.
Like you light up this land of the faded
You enlighten my woe with belief.
I am blessed every single moment
That I spend just staying with you.
You needn't do much at this point.
My bliss is enough for two.
Paint this world in the brightest of colours,
Gift me with song of new spring.
You keep away all my troubles
And tear is now never a thing.
Let's not go anywhere in the morning.
Let's lay on the bed side by side.
Let's listen to our hearts throbbing.
Let's imagine whatever we might.
I am only alright of you hold me,
If you kiss me, hug, pet me too.
I am only alright to be lonely
If I am lonely with you.
- - - - - -
There is no single reason for me
To stop loving what we can be.
Let us sink in the sea of this feel
And never return to the real
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