Yoko Fushigina

July 22, 2003 - Tokio
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We Shall Become The Past

Oh, if you asked: "How much you love me, dear?",
No doubt I'd answer: "I have no idea".
'Cause numbers couldn't measure my affection;
It had no limit, no exeption.
That's why I feel so insecure, I feel so scared...
You were the air I breathed and feels I had.
I laid on you my chagrin and despair,
You were the only one to guard my rear.

It's never been so painful, not once.
So many times they've got me on my knees and squeezed my lungs.
But I was never made to feel so split,
Deprived of every single thing I was in need.
So when you turned away I ended up behind,
You shot point-blank and stabbed right in my eye.
I was so blinded by the blood of mine,
I couldn't notice pain you had to fight.

The friendship is what you now try to keep,
Whereas at night you cry yourself to sleep.
But after all you've never lied or cheated...
Still looking through the "recently deleted"?
God, now I understand how difficult it was,
To break yourself and make the proper choice.
I won't accept the truth you wanted me to see -
Why is your happy life the one that's lacking me?!

You slam the door and sorrow flies off lips.
"Do not betray our mutual lucid dreams!"
And though my wounded heart screams even louder,
I only grit my teeth a little harder.
My world breaks down, I can't restore my breath -
You leave me for to-be we couldn't have.
There is no need for mourning or regert;
I shall become the past we won't forget.
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