Yoko Fushigina

July 22, 2003 - Tokio
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Through Pain

If you touch a wild rose
You'll get hurt by sharpened spike;
You'll infect your blood with dose.
Fate won't wait to make a strike.
Poison has delicious flavour.
Instant drug addiction's core:
Intoxicated by sweet savor
You can't resist it any more.

Feral animals are hazard,
Predator bites the feeding hand.
Forbidden forest that you've entered
Will not take pity at the end.
We should attempt to run away,
But though, like rarity collectors,
We sink in glorious dismay,
Keep giving into sipid nectars.

Our feelings burn us from inside,
This love is fake, this love is evil...
And still we make the final stride,
Our souls are tamed by wily devil.
There's baneful virus in our veins,
And hearts were lured by dulcet lie.
We're dull enough to keep this pace;
Only through pain are we alive!
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