Yoko Fushigina

July 22, 2003 - Tokio
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So Much More

Through the glass of Iron Towers
Might my voice be hardly heard.
Though emergence of my powers
Rises up from underworld.
Slums, where we were all created,
Fight their way to core through lies.
Broken stray dogs posing danger
Shouldn't take you by surprise.

Lost have nothing else for losing:
Sense no fears, feel no regrets.
So we tend to stay abusive,
Not to be abused ourselves.
We were told: "Accept the justice!
You were born to serve the King".
Now, to scramble through that rabies,
Scum will have to change the scene.

Vertex, that preserves the lordship,
May think they can bate the breath.
Mudlark has no other worship
Than to be freed from the depth.
So much more is left for seeing,
Duties, dropped for us to do.
Hopes and dreams flow into feeling
And they keep on urging you.

Now you gonna hear me singing!

No step backward, no inch round.
Passions lift us off the ground,
Rush turns lifetime upside down.
Freeze the time and mute the sound!
Every choice we'd made was right,
Now the colours seem so bright,
Lighting fractions of the night.
Sell your soul and hold on tight!
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