Yoko Fushigina

July 22, 2003 - Tokio
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Homicide For Love

It took me thousand years to conquer
Your unruly fragile soul.
That passion of mine became stronger,
I obtained your heart for my own.
But how could it be that I'm lonely?
Like a butterfly, you flew away.
It wasn't the fault of our loving.
People, that's who is to blame!

Disapproval, lies and divorcement...
We didn't fulfill it, they did!
You left, because they got you cornered.
But my wish outweighs their guilt.
If needs be, those insects go hence.
Any rabble that hinders our love
Will square up by the greatest expense,
I swear up to the power above!

I am Romeo, you're my Juliet.
But our story has different final.
Those around us were born to be dead,
I myself will bring them to trial.
What's the frightened gaze in your eyes?
THEY are ones to be scared from the start,
'Cause the thing that'll remain is demise
From endeavor to tear us apart!
I don't care about all this lame!
I was meant to be yours!
Nothing will stand in my way,
And what rises, it falls!
I love and I'm loved, stupid liers!
And now when I'm sure more than ever,
I'll kill those who wreck my desires.
We'll be together forever!
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