Yoko Fushigina

July 22, 2003 - Tokio
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Let the wind blow our sorrow.
I surrender to the sweetness of your your touch;
Wonder is when you are never lonely;
I need only you to feel that much.
I'm falling into flow that'll never die;
Keep on holding, we're eternal lovers.
I will not crack cast down from the sky;
We won't wither just like autumn flowers.

Being very curious from birth,
I've learnt to find joy in something odd;
And when we've met, I knew that on the Earth
You only can turn zero to a lot.
I'm brave and strong as the majestic lions,
But courage can be easily erased.
I have some wishes, I own some desires,
But without you I would be torn and lazed.

My future seems so pure, it seems so simple,
But life's as arduous as it can ever be.
I will not handle this without symbol
Of fortitude and pride in front of me.
So with the help of net for butterflies,
Woven from the inmost of the dreams,
I won't fall, instead of this I'll rise;
And I will reach my prize in your sweet kiss!
Flying over summer, may my words
Affect all living creatures in this world,
Together with migrating birds
Announce everything I ever loved.
It is so great just being wild and free
As fox or wolf in woods can be.
I'll share my bliss with anyone I see,
'Cause we are all worth to be happy.
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