Yashasha Sharma

December 12, 2004 - India
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MY SIDE (to moon)

Today I went upstairs, Moon; you weren't there.
I searched for you, maybe you were hidden; by dark clouds
But after so long, you might have gone to the hid out.

I know you are far away, You can't reach me neither can I.
You can see everyone, not just me
But me; I can see you, just not anyone.

All the sleepless nights, many of them were mine.
I think 'one day' shall we meet
But the distance between you and me doesn't give a slight relief.

I think of writing a letter, but the address is unreached.
I think of buying you a nice gift but the amount is high; I can't reach.
But 'one day' shall we meet; even if it's without a letter and a treat.
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