Willow Silvera

November 11, 2005-Connectcuit
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Home Planet

I am standing
At the e d g e
Of a cliff
Soaked with ripe cherries
Covered in grainy
Indigo sand
Overlooking a serene
Rose tinged lake
Covered in white lotus flowers
And surrounded by
Glistening cerulean rock

A vivid orange sky
Hangs over me
Carrying stars made
Of crystal and jade
As a pastel moon
Softly shines

Violets surround
My hazed vision
Their wispy aroma
Healing the scars
I took from rose thorns
The autumn wind
Gently blows my hair
And allows me to
Breathe at last.

I don't know how I
Came here.
But I don't want
To go back
For now
I will stay
With the alabaster Lotus flowers
The amethyst moon
And soft blue sand.
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