William Cartwright

1611-1643 / England

On The Queen's Return From The Low Countries

HALLOW the threshold, crown the posts anew!
   The day shall have its due.
Twist all our victories into one bright wreath,
   On which let honour breathe;
Then throw it round the temples of our Queen!
'Tis she that must preserve those glories green.

When greater tempests than on sea before
   Received her on the shore;
When she was shot at 'for the King's own good'
   By legions hired to blood;
How bravely did she do, how bravely bear!
And show'd, though they durst rage, she durst not fear.

Courage was cast about her like a dress
   Of solemn comeliness:
A gather'd mind and an untroubled face
   Did give her dangers grace:
Thus, arm'd with innocence, secure they move
Whose highest 'treason' is but highest love.
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