Wayne Smith

Baltimore, Md on April 20,1955

The Harvest

Life is full of wondrous and endless possibilities,
a never ending chance to turn dreams into realities.
Time to change from the way we have been taught,
choose wisely in every action, word, deed and thought.

There is a hero of humanity in every man, woman and child.
Remove the shackles from your heart and toss hatred to the wild.
When we stop turning heads and help the weak to be strong,
infinite health and prosperity will flow and it will not take long.

Make the choice to plant seeds of peace, joy and inspiration,
be light hearted and put away any acts of degradation.
We have been blessed with the ability to create anything we wish.
In this wonderful world of abundant wealth, there is no need to be selfish.

The seeds you plant in life will match and exceed the harvest you reap,
daily cultivate your dreams, make sure their roots run deep.
In all things, be pleasant, positive and joyful, always put forth your best.
Our lives are the fields; the seeds are our actions and our circumstances, The Harvest.
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