Vic Payne

November 4, 1994-Wiltshire, UK
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It is written in books and for TV,
Like when Harry fought you know who,
Or when Nick Nelson told his family he was bi (actually),
Alec realising it wasn't Lydia he loved,
When Pru, Piper and Phoebe were more powerful together,
The doctor constantly running towards danger,
And when Layken learnt to parent as she grieved.

Yes they have courage,
But there's more courageous people in the real world.

The parent who tirelessly fights the battle of cancer,
The people who are proud of who they are despite those who disown them,
Those not allowing disabilities keep them down,
Those who grieve everyday and then continue,
The one's living with their demons,
Those on the front line risking everything,
The ones who freed themselves from toxic situations,
People who faced addiction and won.

The fictional world have nothing on them,
We get knocked down but we get the fuck back up again.

So, here's to the courageous humans,
Be proud,
Be loud,
Be you,
And if anyone has a problem with it,
Be kind,
You don't know the demons they have.

Always inspire us with your courage,
You're the next generation,
Write your stories.
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