Tyler Morello

November 11, 1998 -- Richland, WA
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The Ocean at my Door

When I drove out to the coast I found
The ocean at my door.
An open window
Above my pillow
Played white noise from there on the shore.

I walked across the rocks and sand
To the seafoam frosted border,
And reveled within
The salty seas wind
Of mother nature's greatest order.

Sometimes a place of peace and rest
For a tranquil moments' musing,
To reflect for some minutes
I'd thought to witness
A maelstrom of dark thoughts diffusing.

But what I came to find instead
Was a lesson taught in scale,
"My place on this earth
Holds no grand sum's worth,"
I thought, swallowed by the ocean's veil.

A doubtful seed began to grow
As if to dissuade my being.
Should I let the waves
Become my grave
Or do I press on, simply fleeing?

In great unease I traveled home,
Seeking safety from the blue,
But with broad concern
I began to learn
There was an ocean outside this door, too.
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