Tyler Morello

November 11, 1998 -- Richland, WA
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Metamodern Tantalus

"It's alright to feel behind,"
What they told me when they learned
I had never slept with anyone.
"You're not missing out on anything, really.
Not the electric rush of skin on skin,
Not the satisfaction of man's most primal urge,
Certainly not the burning of carnal fuel
And the fumes that follow,
No, none of that is quite important.
You just keep doing you."

I couldn't help but think on
My dozens of ancestors that
All had kids at my age.
The men that came before me,
That in their youth, cherished and brought up Bright sons and daughters,
Before they had ever got to
Where I am now.

Surrounded by a world so saturated
With sex and sin,
And earning none,
The meta-modern Tantalus.
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