Tom Lathara

Chicago, Illinois, USA
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Dawn darkness of the Judea desert gasped.
Crushing grip of the primal serpent withered.
The prophesied Light of the world emerged,
As the boulder at the sealed tomb, off it rolled.

The blessed disciples, John, Matthew, Mark, and Luke
Wouldn’t miss this cardinal event, each imprinting
Their unique stamp, leaving us a panoramic perspective
as the eternal hope emerged triumphant from the sealed tomb.

The designated disciples scattered in panic
But the loyal trio came with sweet spices and salty tears,
Their final anointment homage to the master beloved,
Steadfast love that transcends death.

The sweet irony will forever be cherished
That the faithful three, Mary of Magdalene,
Mary, mother of James and Salome were granted
The original Easter vision afore the disciples.

For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout
the whole earth, for the loving acts of the faithful,
to bestow upon them his extravagant accolades,
Your meager offerings, His cherished presents.

Bring your fears and cowering heart,
To the tomb where hope is dead and interred,
Angels await us with a delightful gospel, Hope is alive,
‘The Christ is risen’, the glorious light, the seers foretold.

Christ is risen, Risen indeed,
Go tell it on the mountains, tell it in the valleys,
Tell it to the winds, tell it to the high seas,
The Word becomes light that renews everything.

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