Timothy E. Becker

Omaha, Nebraska

The "Girl" And Partner

Do we really know who she is?
Some say "I've been married many years."
Looks are for both the Mrs. and Miss.
The "girl", it seems, has many fears.

The guy has to comfort some.
Both the "girl" and guy give in.
Its a two way street that rarely lasts.
Those who do stick together actually win.

Guys and girls can we actually work at a marriage?
It takes commitment, sacrifice, and love.
Sometimes, we believe it's age.
Other times it's more from above.

A marriage or a partnership lasts for a while.
We need to work at both to win.
Both a marriage and a partnership has style.
When we fail we sin.

Sin is the ultimate nightmare.
We have to proceed like saints.
One must be friendly and fair.
Finally, you have to be the artist who paints.
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