Timothy E. Becker

Omaha, Nebraska

The Bible

Years have passed since the writing of the old and new testament.
It consists of both stories and parables.
One must often wonder whether they are fluent
With the biblical language that is both fact and fables.

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John all contributed as writers.
Their parables reveal God's messages to us.
"The last will be first,...the first will be last", says fighters
No one will always win or lose which is a plus.

The ten commandments, the gospels, and the sacraments
Reveal the laws, how we should live, and our Christian rite.
Baptism symbolizes one of God's elements.
The Eucharist reveals the food we chew or bite.

"The two shall be one flesh" is what sacrament?
Marriage and anointing of the sick are always available
To those who desire to be married or cured permanent.
The sacraments are always on the table.

We need the Bible characters for guidance.
Noah and his son, for instance, built his boat after a warning.
This proceeded a flood which was part of God's-Noah's alliance.
The flood, of course, led to the mourning.
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