Timotheus H. Carson

Chicago, Illinois

They Know Who I Am

They know who I am,
The hard task master of proud,
Hotheaded generations,
My tuition price is twisted steel,
Crushed skulls, and scattered brains,
War is my name.
They know who I am,
My students are the demagogues...
Of power politics who inflame racist
Forays that deform the human image,
Into effigis for defamation and insults,
My tuition price is mounting flames,
Screaming bombs, hulled out buildings.
War is my name!
I am the cruel tutor of civilizations
I start my game in the minds - and in
The pious, in the sanctuaries - my novices are
The savants of the master race
Impelled by arrogance and greed
Who tear out pages of history
Rewriting their own sordid dogma.
They all know who I am!
Aborting platforms of reform and
Humane policies - who knows the
Dichotomy of tyranny and mercy better than
The victim, tell me?
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