Talal Uddin


Business Magnate.

You can marry a Business Magnate/ Who can buy a palace for you/ Where every facilities are tasted/ Such as swiming pool, golf course, tennis play ground and what not?/ Including a vast of Volkswagen & Mercedes-Benz parking area/ You can marry a Business Magnate/ Who can buy all the tickets of a cricket match/With him, You can enjoy a triller final between Bangladesh & India/ Sending a smile emoticon to a reputed social media/As all are crazy surrounding you/ You can marry a Business Magnate /Who can take you to Burj khalifa of Dubai/ You & he can taste some fresh wine/ Including all delicious foods of the world/ As heavy light shakes your eyes/ But when it comes to/ Love & happiness/ Serenity of mind/ Inner passion etcetra/ Wealth may not work at that time/ I think you are enough clear.
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