T. P. Martin

Smiths Grove, KY, USA

My C

I remember those freckles all over your nose,
Were you got those curly ears, God only knows.
Many times I turned to you and said, wanna ride?
You would sit in my lap, and fill my heart with pride.
When we went for a ride, your head was out the door,
Then when I stopped, you barked, as if to ask for more.
You ate carrots, played catch, and waded in the pool,
You always looked so graceful, and acted like Mr. Cool.
For almost seventeen years, our friendship grew strong,
Now when I walk without you, it feels all wrong.
You got so sick and lifeless, at the very end,
I did everything I could for you, My Cass, My friend.
As I knelt and held you, I bowed my head to pray,
With loving arms wrapped around you, you went to sleep that day.
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