Sylvia Brewster

Havant, Hampshire, UK


Unfenced was this garden of perfect design
dressed and planted with us in mind,
its purpose - without doubt - was undefined
by the first two souls of human-kind:

Alas, alas ... all of that beauty a devil beheld -
the sneak came around and insider-dealing began;
alas, alas the two fell under the sway of disguise,
succumbed to lust and pride of eyes and bit off
more than they could chew ... no longer to dress
that garden again; thrown out to live to realize
their shame ... reaping now the sod they trod
outside of the garden God ...plod ... plod!

Their lot is our lot even today
so UNTIL a garden of perfect design
is dressed again with us in mind
man must keep plodding and
prodding the sod ... plod ... plod
plod on!
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