Susan K. Call

Powkantan Point, Ohio, USA


When I was a young girl, I dreamed of marriage
I dreamed of pushing a pink or blue baby cariage.
I dreamed of all the things I thought I should be.
I made romantic picnic under a maple tree.
I tried to please with shirt to shoot,
And a wink of an eye was my favorite sport.
All mother's back then dreamed of their daughter's wedding.
It was like a cover up with too much heading.
All you need is a man to take care of you,
Someone to make the living and to always be true.
It sounds like a good plan to me.
So, I took the ring of the bride to be.
I was married and gave away my life.
I never expected so much strife.
I thought taking care of a family would be easy too.
If that was so, why did I always feel tired and blue.
Listen sweet daughter, listen to me.
Forget that picnic under a tree.
The gray in my hair and the lines under my eyes,
Tell me girl you are in for a big surprise.
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