Susan A. Birowski

Wilmington, DE, USA

My Hero, My Dad

There was a time you held my hand
as a child too young to understand.
You repaired broken toys and shined everyone's shoes.
Regaled WWII stories at least a thousand times or two.
It was you who introduced me to the University of Notre Dame,
and ultimately, I realized nothing would ever be the same.
I recall my first visit to the campus, oh so vividly.
The beautiful Lady atop the Golden Dome looked just heavenly.
Your job at Hercules gave you such tremendous satisfaction.
How about my unexpected visit and your surprised reaction.
After 37 years and retirement, it didn't end right there.
Playing and arranging music, you accomplished with quite a flair.
The talent you displayed was indeed incredible.
Nat King Cole described you as "Unforgettable." In 1991, you gave me a beautiful Christmas tree
with twinkling lights that glistened and shined so brightly.
Thanks to you, the holidays are my favorite time of year
because it's such a joy to decorate and fill my home with cheer.
Dad, there would never be anyone else for me but you.
You're my hero and my shining star -- a love forever true.
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