Suhaila Bawar

July 23 , 2003 - Afghanistan
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My room

Carless death ,
laying on my bed.
Sitting in the corner of my room ,
my knees below my head.

The blackness gleams
And I'm trying to get up on my feet.
And the sorrow beams
in every mournful tear my eyes greet.
Entirely lit up with pain ,
And Its living in my vein

I fail to have the life
I used to frown on it ,
when I look at that wall.
Crashed up and Messed up
figures drawn on it ,
reminds me I will fall.

A devil hanging down my fan ,
is the only thing I've got to see.
And it Seems like yea it feels like ,
with it I've got intimacy.
Constantly invites me ,
to have a drink along.
Maybe this utter darkness ,
is the place where i belong.

Reaching the doors ,
old knobs.
world could hear
my cold sobs

Let here all the lilies bloom
When you plant me deep down in grave .
I never made it out this room
You knew , Mind-ly Peace was all i craved.

Time to throw my funeral ,
delighting party to my soul
I lost me , from my own self ,
on it I couldn't earn control
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