Steven Andreev

November 29, 1994 - London
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This is a day of contemplation
When autumn finally falls down on the capital
After months of desert-style heat, that burnt us more inside than out.

In the dust of general stagnation
One counts all the capital, another the lack of it
While I sit in indignation, staring at the building blocking the view of the park.

And remember the days when a park was not a tiny square,
But was Richmond Park that opened up by her and me.
Her and me - never us, never together, nor forever.

And the view from King Henry’s Mound where everything was gloomy
Yet one could still see the spear of St. Paul’s Cathedral through the fog.
Time for an oath, agreement, acceptance of providence.

One should never look back and think of a different life, different fate.
As there is no variance between what occurred or could have occurred.
And there is no difference between us back then and us now.

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