Femme Mcbridge

Chennai. October 5,1980
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My peripheral friend

A peripheral friend
With preposterous spurring ideas,
Fueled and oiled my life’s frond,
Civilized cerebrum with rustic heart,
Promised to be a Perdue cart,
On my holy grail trails of
Life’s Sam Hill moments to calamitous hurts.
Peripheral friend with no perineal thoughts,
Scurrying like a cloud knocked my walls,
To bucket me with me to be me moments.
Netflexing behind the shoulders,
Tumbling thro’ the rugged crushing shirt,
Fun filled IT moviéndose hurts,
Carved the memories,
Forgetting my scars.
All within the trimmed circumferences,
Showing me beauty that went unnoticed,
My Peripheral friend with no perineal thoughts ,
Mastered the heraldry of friendship,
We gazed and gazed still wondered,
How friendship is the heaven on earth!
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