Femme Mcbridge

Chennai. October 5,1980

Devasted Soul

In Eden, Blushing sun hid her face
Behind the mountains with no trace
Like a young bride dressed with jewels
Endeavours designed artful life
My banquet hall of eternity
Under the forbidden tree,
Took my hands into his
For an oath to be my soul
Forever, forever,forevermore
To untangle me from solitude
Twilight was never beautiful
But that day
Others no moon day
You, my crescent moon
Receded like a wave day by day
Banished my love but vanished yours
Manifested muddy mouth
Let me face PENNY WISE
Blunder was mine
Mistook lust for love
Scampered Scudding clouds that rain
You evaporated in the air
Bidding no fair
From full to no moon again
Ocean blue eyes wetted my cheeks again
Again,again and again.
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