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I would prefer not to say
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I Feel Lonely

I feel lonely.
I must succeed.
Can I call my parents?
No, they have too much on their plates.
Can I call my teachers?
No, We only discuss school work.
Can I call my friends?
No, they are always too busy, and never pick up the phone.
Can I call That Friend?
… No, I cannot have her worry about me.

I am under so much pressure,
It is amazing I do not crumble,
And collapse, like a submarine.
Keep up the good work,
Keep up the illusion
I tell myself every day.

I am not depressed,
Just a little stressed.
My parents have enough on their plates.
My Teachers have other students to worry about.
My Friends have their own problems.
And That friend…

I love her,
As a friend.
She has darkness.
I try and help her see the light.
Right now, she is in shadow.

I haven't talked to her enough.
But my job is not to talk.
It is to listen.
Thank you for listening,
Whoever you are.
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