Sonali Shah

Beeston, Nottingham, England

The Road To Life

Life is one long road,
Some days a motorway
so straight and smooth,
With a fast lane for those who panic and are eager,
A slow lane for those with no destination, boredom overtakes,
And a middle lane for those who look to the future whilst enjoying the past.

Other days, life's like a crescent,
with bends and turns,
Families laughing with rapture,
All cozy and warm,
Sitting huddled together
Listening to cries of the new born.
But crisis occurs as quick as a flash,
and the laughter fades,
The bend is upon us,
But we search for a new road
Which sets life straight once again.

Quite often life is just a hill,
A tough struggle to the top,
But once up, Success!
Determination pays!
The hard part is over
Now it's down hill all the way!
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