Somali Mukherjee

October 14, 1993 - India
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Learning Positive Vibes

The clock strikes four;

I’m never like before;

I’ve learnt to take life’s drink

Up to the lees from the brink;

Multiple layers of joy

Help me sail my humble hoy

In the midst of others;

I found life’s new colours;

The sun is about to wane;

Yes, he will come up again,

Again tomorrow,

Wiping each sorrow.

The “sunny spots of greenery”

Adorn the entire scenery,

Playing hide-and-seek;

Yet, how mild and meek!

Oh! How so mild?

Everything’s so wild

In this savage society,

Where there’s almost no gaiety.

“No sorrow! Have no sorrow!

I’ll come up again tomorrow.”

No sorrow but pure peace

In the lap of natural bliss.

So many sides we learn,

So many outlooks we earn

In life’s fathomless fountain;

Nothing obstructs as a mountain;

When we stay positive,

Without allowing vibes negative,

We can learn, we may earn

Wisdom; life never seems stern.
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