Somali Mukherjee

October 14, 1993 - India
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A Walk down the Tunnel

“Darkness does embalm;
All things, getting calm,
Produce an eerie feeling;
Can it serve with a healing?”

“Aye, aye, sure, sure!
Such feelings do us lure,
To approach its end.”
“Can we reach, my friend?

The tunnel’s too long;
With the bats’ screeching song,
It does sound so strange.”
“We can’t fathom its range.

The tunnel’s so profound
With the sorrowing sound
Of a wailing woman at a distance;
Hush! You can’t at her glance.”

“Is she visible? Is she?”
“Take some time for her to see.
You’ll know everything;
Hence, you have to cling.”

“Such a sooty place!”
“Don’t disgrace, pal, don’t disgrace.”
“Where is she now?”
“You’ll know the knowhow.”

“I sneeze and cough, sneeze and cough.
Whoa! Was that not a female laugh?”
“Yes, it is! Yes, it is!
Here you’ll find eternal bliss.”

“Eternal bliss? What does it mean?
You were supposed to guide me clean.”
"Of course, I do. Oh! Sure!
Let’s see how much you can endure."

"Then why such things, my friend?"
“Don’t you expect to behold the end?”
“Wait! Stop! Who are you?”
“I’m likewise as you view.

Here is your healing, here!
My service to you is so sheer!
Here you’ll find divine bliss!
Ha! Now behold your Mephistopheles.”
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