Snakes And ladders


R- 11/19

Have a feeling you’re gonna hurt me
Every time I see you
my heart skips a beat
I know I’m risking friendships
But I think you’re worth it
We aren’t gonna last
But I can’t help myself
When your face is close to mine
Or you compliment my eyes
I get butterflies
And I know I messed up
And I have competition
But if fate was real it will all work out
I don’t know what it is about you
Everything you do confuses me
But I’m trying to figure you out
And I won’t give up
Because you interest me
You challenge me
You have a way with words
Every time I see you I learn more and more
Your birthday is in December
December 21st
You like to mess with people
And you underestimate me
But I feel like you’re a lot simpler
Like I’m missing something
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