Shruti Sidpara

Birthday- 23/7/2005
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i helped myself.
I wiped my own tears.
Plastered over fresh wounds and parts of my heart that were still hurting.
I gave myself time.
I read books that soothed my soul.
I listened to music that calmed my nerves.
I watched movies that made me smile.
Piece by piece,
I put myself back together again.

But it's like the universe doesn't ever want to see me whole,
so im in pieces again,
helping myself,
wiping my own tears,
plastering old wounds that were torn open again,
i'm giving myself more time
I'm reading books to escape from this reality,
i listen to music to get lost in,
movies make me cry,
piece by piece,
im hurting but im still putting myself back together again.
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