Sherley T Abraham

November 1, 1981, Abu Dhabi

The Positive Rainbow

The Positive Rainbow

It Listens to worldly matters
It walks and stays everywhere
It views Black and White
It is like an unending Mystery

It has three forms
It hurts and loves
It has bad and good effects
And It is my friend – The Human Mind

It comes in seven forms unstable
Love, Patience and Hatred,
Forgiveness and Vengeance,
Sincerity and Fraudulence

But my dear, I teach you
How you should be like me
“Accept the best, Leave the worst”
Then whilst thou be like me

I am the “THE MIND”
Like a Rainbow spreading beauty
Having seven forms of attitudes
Seven colors are my tastes
VIBGYOR is my ingredient

Violet stands for Magical, Mysterious love
Indigo stands for Possessive love
Blue stands for Sincere love
Green is Balanced, healthy love

Wise and Happy love is my Yellow nature
Warm, Vital and Creative love is my Orange nature
When I have love out of Passion,
I am in RED being active and always secure

Red, Yellow and Blue means
Activity, Wisdom and Intention
Corresponds Hydrogen, Carbon and Oxygen
Contributes physical, mental and spiritual development

Red, Yellow and Blue means
Vitality, knowledge and Spirituality
Providing Sustenance, Stimulation and Cooling
The three-fold power in the white light

VIOLET nature comes with Red and Blue,
The Highest Element of Spiritual Mastery
Bringing Stabilizing energy of Sorrow and Love
Lending practicality to the undirected spaciousness

Deep purple signifies high spiritual attainment
Pale lilac brings love for humanity
Bluish purple brings idealism
Sparking the imagination and inspiration
Integrates energies for healing purposes

Deep blue and violet mixture is my INDIGO nature
A dramatic color to the world of theater
During times of stress becomes the drama queen,
Making a mountain out of a molehill

Indigo is sedating, often lightening fast
It opens the subconscious mind
Attains spirituality and self-mastery,
Wisdom, sudden awareness and psychic abilities

BLUE – The color of trust and peace
Suggesting loyalty and Integrity
Conservatism and frigidity
Bringing Spirituality in real lives

BLUE – A color of Divinity
Which calms and relaxes mind
Enhancing contemplation and prayer
And bringing trust and responsibility

GREEN nature comes with Yellow and Blue
The Color of Harmony, balance and growth
Self-reliance as positive and Possessiveness as negative
Green loves to observe and relates to counselors

GREEN is rejuvenating when totally exhausted
GREEN is nurturing when quenching for thirst
Green is Dependable, agreeable and diplomatic
GREEN is Possessive and Envy

YELLOW – the color of mind and intellect
Is optimistic and cheerful in nature
Also suggesting impatience, criticism and cowardice
But, Choose right WISDOM for decisions

Providing clarity of thought and orderliness
Improvising memory and better decision making skills
Alleviating confusions, awaken greater confidence and optimism
Enriches, lightens and activates many systems of the body

Red and yellow mixture is my ORANGE nature.
A Color of social communication and adventure
Sign of pessimism and superficiality is its negative side
Creative energy production is in my orange nature

Orange is optimistic and extroverted
Stimulating, particularly to the appetite
More balanced energy than red, with full of vitality
Restore balance to our physical energies

RED – The color of energy, passion and action
Furnishes sustenance to the physical body
Bringing Energy, Enthusiasm and security
And also interest and passion brings within the RED

RED demands you to take notice, alerting you to danger
Stimulating to the physical senses
Exciting our emotions and inspiring to take action
From RED emerges the LOVE out of deep passion

In times of loneliness,
In times of roaring waves
Like a cool breeze, like a silent sea
Visited JESUS in the mind
In the depth of depression and grief
HE whispered secretly to my ears
“Don’t weep my little girl,
I am with you always,
I will neither leave nor forsake you”.
The whisper tuned the mind
To surrender wholly to the TRIUNE GOD

We tend to become what we are,
When we think what we should be
Where we should be and how we should be
MIND- THE mixture of FAITH, HOPE and LOVE

By~ Sherley Thankam Abraham
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