Shelby Y. Blackmon

Memphis, TN, USA

The Reins To My Life

For the mass majority of my life,
I held the reins to my life. Once
upon a time, I could grab the reins
and go anywhere I wanted to go.
Sometimes I would go down in the valley
and come up another road,
someone took the reins to my life.
Leading me anywhere and guiding me no where.
Restraining me from my own journey, yet
leading me down their journey. I don't
recall handing over my reins, it must
be a sort of captivity. On this journey
of theirs, I had no freedom of speech.
I feel like someone has slapped a muzzle
on my mouth. I want to speak and say
it clearly, "This is my life." I want
the reins of my life returned. I am
the rightful owner of my life. No longer
do I want to be lead astray into someone
else's journey. Any journey that I choose
should be chosen by me. And if it's
alright with you, I'll take my reins.
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