Sharon Morgan

October, 1962 - (London)
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Why Would we Take our Wedding Rings off?

Our wedding ring is an emblem of our true love
A gift that we attached to a vow
Our two hearts promised to be loyal and true
Living each day in the now.

A forever, no beginning and certainly no end,
It is the circle of our ring that we must defend!
Endless love is what we both agreed
So why should we take our wedding rings off

Our love is far too tough to break,
like the silver or gold of our wedding ring
Removing our rings would place our marriage at stake
So why would we take our wedding rings off

Our marriage is a life that would never be long enough
We committed, we endure, even when times are tough
Our rings are an outward symbol, of a forever, you and me
So why on earth would we take our wedding rings off.
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