Sharon Morgan

October, 1962 - (London)
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After the funeral

After the aroma of the floral displays of the day
The seamless trail of cars in tow
Accompanying the shiny black hearse
Which proudly transported
An honoured guest
In a coffin that was like no other

Preceding an entourage of fellow mourners,
Tissues wiping tears from sullen faces,
A glimpse caught through the reflection
of the sun-kissed car windows,
Their sadness for the one
who was loved but is now lost.

The honoured guest
Who approached their final journey’s end
After this day
Where will you be?
After the emotional and inspiring eulogy
Of a life once lived

And speeches of memories
From family and friends who once loved
After reading the poems,
Scriptures shared
Hearts expressed
After this day
Where will we be?

After you pledged to support
With promises to be there beyond that day
Words conveyed like,

‘I will call you,’
‘I will send you a text,
‘I am only an email away.’
‘I am here for you.’

The big day has come to an end
The curtain of a life once lived is drawn
The guests have left
Now, the loneliness sets in for those left
To pick up the pieces of hearts broken
Where are you now?

©Sharon Morgan
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