Seyi Ojenike

January 26, 1992 - Lagos
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In the dark corners of our minds

Lurks the shadows of superstition

Whispers of fears and doubts that bind

And fuel our irrational ambition

We seek meaning in random signs

And cling to beliefs unfounded

As if they hold some grand designs

That keep our world well-rounded

Black cats, broken mirrors, and ladders

All bear the marks of our fears

And though they're but harmless matters

We give them power through our tears

We knock on wood and cross our fingers

And pray to unseen powers above

As if they hold the key to our destiny's hinges

And can change the course of our love

But in the end, it's just superstition

A product of our anxious minds

A need to find order in chaos's collision

And a way to escape life's binds

So let us embrace the mysteries of life

But not let superstition rule our days

For in our heart and mind lies the true rife

Of strength and wisdom to guide our ways.
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