Seren VonStein

6 November 1998

The Note

A Note.
It lingers about, just as emotions do.
The Note can also be cut short, one thinks sadly,
but they seem to go on and on and on.

It can be Short and Energetic, this Note;
like a burst of white-hot flame,
snuffed out in the blink of an eye...

It can also be soft, and so sad at times, you want to cry.
The Note can also be as bittersweet and lingering as a love long past,
but still sensuous and beautiful as a curl of flame.

The Note is different every time it is played,
always similar,
never exactly the same.

There are Billions of Notes in this World,
and they all change, they are all different,
but always hold the capacity for deep meaning.

Notes Stop and Die,
but all Notes are important to the Score.
The Notes must change so that The Score may go on.

These Notes can be Emotional,
They can tell you a Story,
Teach you a Lesson.

If a Note stops prematurely,
the meaning of your Score may be lost for a Time,
but it must adapt without the Note so that your Score may move on.

Music is so much like Life.
“Does anyone else notice?” I can't help but wonder.
The Note just continues, my question left unanswered.

Music embodies all that Humanity is,
it can take you to places you've yet to see,
it can break you down and build you up
stronger than you were before.

Only you write your own score
and while there may be a few mistakes in a measure,
I hope you'll be happy with the Notes you created in the end.
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