Seren VonStein

6 November 1998
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Betrayal and Enmity

You may give me strife
But you may not have my life--
My body, my sanity,
Uncontrolled in your vanity,
Think you can take what you want
No regards to me
I put up a front
Because you can take my freedom
But you can't take my pride.

It is mine to give, mine to end,
Against you I'll defend
What is left of me
Whether it be my heart or sanity.

Mood swings,
You wanted me to be better
But I ain't rushin
To make my mind revolve around you
When you can't even tell me what's true

You barely told the truth,
Twisted my emotions
Like you omit the facts,
I couldn't tell what was real or an act
Of desperation,
Not wanting to be alone,
You better worry honey,
Because even in your dark I still shone

And I will continue to shine
With every rhyme
I twist into these lines
To be rid of your lies
And tell you of your crimes
Against me
The crimes against another, a lover
Where was your humanity

When I begged you to stop
With every plea
But you refused from your place
Behind me
Where you sunk your dagger
Of betrayal and enmity
Mixing my emotions
Like a turbulent sea

I don't understand
How you thought you were right
When you asked me if I was glad
Of what you made me do that night.
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