Schafer Bailey

October 8th, 2000 - Changzhou
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Error 404: The Place You Seek No Longer Exists

In these empty rooms within these walls,
tells stories and tales of days gone.
Whispers of Indian summers and sepia falls,
nights spent wide awake until dawn.

Floorboards creak and groan with each footstep,
The ghosts and goblins dart around door frames,
collect the guilty souls of promises unkept,
stealing all memories that dare to remain.

Before all the bulbs had flickered and burnt out,
and the weeds and shrubs had become overgrown.
This house had been filled with life beyond doubt,
with a family gathered around the hearthstone.

The cracked foundation remembers everything.
These empty rooms once filled laughter, with love,
cool mornings and grass still wet with the dew of spring.
But all these memories exist in the past thereof

Even now through the broken glass, when I close my eyes,
I walk through the door and see you smile with surprise.
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