Saumya Dwivedi

September 5, 1998- India

Night Sky

Shall I compare you to the night sky?
For it is as beautiful as you,
The stars shine bright like your eyes,
And it reminds me of you.

But you my bae are filled with mellowness
As the night is cold and airy sometimes,
Though the night has a never ending temprament,
You my love are as you were even with the changing times.

Stars are beautiful indeed,
But not as beautiful as you my fair boy,
For I see it in clearity,
And it fills me with joy.

I know where you are situated my fair boy,
But for you I am just a stranger,
A helpless girl with a beautiful dream,
Filled with deep sadness but also a feeling of anger. 

Intoxication and tears are my daily chore,
As I think about you my misery reaches at its peak,
For you my fair boy are far from approach,
Hoping for happiness and a little observation from you is what I seek.

It is not unknown as everyone knows.
Maybe you also seek someone,
As the night sky reglows.
And with this my fair boy I see, I am just a stranger whom no one knows. 
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