Sara M. Hall

Newark, Delaware, USA

What's All The Fuss About?

I sat and looked around tonight- and wished with all my heart,
That each white face would change to black, that would be a start.
They'd hurry home to love ones- who wouldn't let them in,
Though nothing would have changed, except the color of their skin.
Perhaps they'd try to wash it off- scrubbing until raw!
To find that underneath, there's no difference after all!
What makes some feel superior, just because they're white?
I'm black, but not inferior, at least not in God's sight.
I get up in the morning-I go to bed at night.
I've eyes, a nose a mouth, a left side and a right.
Whenever I am hungry-I know enough to eat
Below my ankles,-I too have feet.
Since cleanliness is next to God, I take a daily bath
I cry when I am hurt, - something funny makes me laugh!
So the only difference, really- is the color of my skin,
This is held against me-considered quite a sin!
I've read the ten commandments, and I know for a fact,
Not one of them read-thou shalt not be black!
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