Samuel Cody

July 6, 1991 - Massachusetts

Homage to the Damned

Death bares its gnarly fangs
Like a wolf lunging for the throat.
The blood of the innocent drowns us all
As it pools gratuitously at our feet.
We take it as our sacrament
In the incessant worship of ourselves.
Like lobsters caught in a narrow trap
We pull each other ever down.
Sages, scholars and priests sew shut their mouths
Their thoughts too holy to speak.
Sex is a meaningless mystery.
History's too boring to repeat.
The hymns of the pious are burning in the streets.
The tears of the sun rain down from heaven
Like shards of scathing, molten glass.
The dragon opens its ravenous mouth to consume the earth
As all the angels bitterly gnash their teeth.
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