Samel Yugalin Emrys

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Whisperer of Love

Don’t know about your smile,
but it is draining me to death like raining with lightning.
First, you spoke; it broke my heart,
never had a feeling of walking on a ceiling.
Will make brittle clouds rain, even if you have a little pain,
Will leave everything to make you believe, My Love.
I wanna share my life; will you be my wife?
May I be too strong to be wrong, but
don’t go away, making my heart sway to death,
rest the love I had, forever in my tomb.
Minute thought of you made all different, as I am now.
The difference you see is nothing but your preference for me.

While I watched others go before me, you stayed
right behind me, how kind you are to make up your mind.
Your little smile will make me go miles, even If
I have to sail without you, but couldn't, as I shouldn't.
Leave you? My heart will be as sleeve, even If I lose
the art of love, to make a little into a cove.
May I be wrong with the slang, but will wait long
just to sing a song to make you live long.
Couldn't make a mill though I had a great skill, as you had a kittle will.
It snows in the morning, but I will be mourning if you snow
my love, even if it is for a little dove.
Don’t go away due to others, no matter how sober they are
but not I am, as I am in Love with You.
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