Saleh Ben Saleh

Tripoli - Libya April 8, 1967
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Life & Death

The world maybe bitter and dull,
to some without a meaning,
bright the eye of heaven shall shine on a day with no complaining.

Hope does fade away sometimes
on days that are restraining,
and blessed our lives can be,
content without refraining.

Life can be difficult sometimes
when ground you’re hardly gaining,
but if you walk a righteous path
good deeds you are attaining.

Prominent you may be,
in a life you are sustaining,
but no pedigree shall save your soul
in a world where all are waning.

In time of death we shall not brag
of deeds that are beshaming,
equal we are when deceased
in a world of no explaining,
no mortal soul will hear your call from the grave if you are complaining.

Saleh Ben Saleh
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