Sabyasachi Sahoo

July 12,2003-BBSR
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He approached near with bunch of rose,
With fear in eyes, embarrassed, sweat on nose.

Shied by his call, eyes his bunch of roses,
But in silence she reposes.

He holds her hand, softly with care,
Expecting a tight slap for his dare.

In flickering tongue he said,
I m deeply in love , my lovely maid,
For you see each day, I love you more,
Today more than yesterday,
But less than tomorrow.

Her hand was cold but eyes were strict,
His heart had stopped, skipped every beat.

Soon she bathed in the smiles of glee,
With her heart in pleasant surprise.
And now the class overjoyed with cheers n clap,
She accepted to be his better half.
--------------------------completion of part I ------------------
part II is yet to come with full of twist in the poetic story.........
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