S. Taylor Chew

January 14, 1988 - Memphis, TN
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When the end comes
I will be terrified.

Terrified that maybe
I didn’t spend enough time in the sand
I didn’t gaze into nothing for long enough
I didn’t strive for more success

Terrified that maybe
I could’ve been more patient
I could’ve found more ways to be kind
I could’ve positively impacted more lives

Terrified that maybe
I should’ve found out about myself
I should’ve been more open
I should’ve given more of me to others

Terrified that maybe
I couldn’t realize my own potential
I couldn’t be the best parent
I couldn’t be what everyone needed me to be


I will never be terrified
Or afraid
Or even wonder
Because when the end comes
I know I will have given you all of my love
And it will have been enough.
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