S. Taylor Chew

January 14, 1988 - Memphis, TN
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There is a peace to being lonesome
At times you can hear
The earth breathe
The cracks in all we’ve made
The slow quiet sounds of what came before
And the louder, newer groans of what’s come since

Loneliness can find you
In a room full of people
People you’ve never met
It can find you at home
Surrounded by loved ones
It can find you at work
With friends all around

Loneliness will find you
When you need it
And when you don’t
Sometimes you’ll want it
And sometimes you won’t

Like being pressed to the floor
By a sheet of plate glass
It can crush you
Suffocate you
When you aren’t strong enough to fight back

It can be sudden
And take your breath away
Like a cold wind
Through your steel built walls
Through the only little crack

Loneliness can find you
When you need it most
Like a friend reaching out
A resurrected ghost

Loneliness does not define
It does not create
It can find us early
And it can find us late

Come find me my friend
I think I need a taste
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